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Our Approach: ABA Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis (also known as ABA) is the standard treatment to manage behavioral, learning, and neurodevelopment challenges. This includes autism and other disorders.

The goal of ABA is to check your kid’s functioning, reinforce positive skills, and change any problematic behaviors.

ABA can focus on a specific problem or a wide range of life skills like self-care, communication, and play.

How Can Alliance ABA Therapy Help My Family?

At Alliance ABA Therapy, we aim to build on your kid’s strengths, encourage positive changes, and improve their quality of life.


First, we’ll review how your child functions, gather information from your family, and identify treatment goals. 


Next, we’ll design a treatment plan adapted to your kid’s needs, abilities, and your family’s situation. 


Then, we’ll proceed with intervention. Our ABA therapists will work with your child to help develop and reinforce skills, adjusting as they progress. We can also train caregivers and collaborate with other professionals throughout the process.

Benefits of ABA therapy include:

  • Enhancing daily functioning and motor development

  • Improving communication, academic performance, and social skills

  • Cultivating autonomy, flexibility, and self-care

  • Shifting or reducing problematic behaviors

  • Fostering a support system by educating families and working with other specialists


Let’s Work Together!

Let’s partner up to help your little one shine.

Contact us or call (703) 229-4216 to book a consultation today.

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