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In-Home Services


Nothing would make us happier than seeing children grow into bright and independent humans. We want to walk alongside them to cheer them on and share joyful moments as they evolve.

And part of this journey means supporting their unique differences, especially if these impact their ability to learn, interact, or complete everyday tasks.

We understand that finding the right guidance for your child can be challenging. At Alliance ABA Therapy, we meet you and your child where you are to help them reach their milestones—and that starts with in-home ABA therapy!

We provide home-based ABA therapy to children with autism and other developmental differences throughout Northern Virginia (Fairfax, Prince William, Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Spotsylvania). Our services are tailored to your child’s and your family’s history, needs, and goals.

If you want to learn more about in-home ABA therapy, read on or contact us for a consultation.

What Is In-Home ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (or ABA) is an evidence-based method used to address behavior, learning, or development problems. The purpose is to teach skill acquisitions and replacement behavior, as well as decrease maladaptive actions.

In-home ABA therapy is provided from the comfort of your household versus a therapy room. It involves home visits from an ABA therapist who will work with your child to encourage positive changes and improve their abilities.

Some of the areas in-home ABA therapy can help with include:

  • Academic performance

  • Communication

  • Cognitive and learning abilities

  • Emotion regulation

  • Motor development

  • Leisure and play

  • Safety

  • Social skills

  • Self-care (e.g., taking a shower, getting dressed, eating)

There are two types of in-home ABA therapy:

1. Comprehensive ABA Therapy (26-40 Hours/Week)

Treatment is intensive and designed to address multiple areas of children’s functioning and development.

Sessions may be structured in 3-4 hour blocks, once or twice a day, depending on your child’s characteristics and availability. It is provided during various days a week and can last numerous weeks or months.

2. Focused ABA Therapy (10-25 Hours/Week)

Treatment is limited to a few behavioral targets, customized to the child’s needs. Thus, it involves a shorter time commitment and is less intensive than comprehensive ABA therapy.

Does My Child Need In-Home ABA Therapy?

In-home ABA therapy is the leading treatment for people with autism and other learning challenges. It is particularly effective in young children.

Symptoms of autism can vary depending on your child’s age, background, and individual traits. Yet, common signs of autism include:

  • Delays in motor, cognitive, or learning abilities

  • Differences in communication, body language, and emotional expressions

  • Difficulty maintaining eye contact or responding to their name

  • Irritability, outbursts, and self-harm

  • Strong inclination towards strict routines, specific objects, and repetition

  • Trouble socializing or understanding others

  • Feeling understimulated or overstimulated by lights, sounds, touch, smell, or taste


If these symptoms interfere with your child’s capacity to function, learn, or enjoy their life, in-home ABA therapy can help.

How Can In-Home ABA Therapy Help My Child?

In-home ABA therapy provides an individualized treatment plan adapted to your family dynamics.

Benefits of home-based ABA therapy include:

  • Children, particularly children with autism, may feel more comfortable in a familiar setting

  • ABA analysts and therapists observe your child’s behaviors right at home to reinforce them or improve upon them, which helps them master skills more effectively

  • ABA analysts and therapists can gain insight into the environment and routines happening at home

  • You can schedule ABA home visits that suit your family’s availability without commuting someplace else

In-Home ABA Therapy at Alliance ABA Therapy

At Alliance ABA Therapy, our in-home ABA services involve three key steps:

1. Consultation

We start our journey with a phone consultation, where we get to know your child’s needs and preferences and your family’s goals. We will also explain how our in-home ABA services work and what to expect.

The purpose is to gather information to identify the program(s) and staff that will best support you.

2. In-Home Evaluation

One of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will do a home visit to assess your child. They will observe their behavior, examine their abilities, and interact with them. They will also speak with caregivers and other relatives as needed.

This evaluation will help us decide if we are a good fit for each other. If so, we will customize a treatment plan with specific targets and strategies.

3. In-Home ABA Treatment

Both our Board Certified Behavior Analyst and ABA therapist will schedule regular home visits to meet one-on-one with your child. We will enhance skills and reinforce positive behaviors during these sessions, cultivating a fun environment to keep them motivated.

Behavior reinforcement means rewarding your children for favorable actions or useful skills to get them closer to their goals. For example, if your child struggles with verbal communication, we may reward them for speaking clearly.

Our team will monitor your child to adapt treatment as they learn and grow. We will also educate caretakers and collaborate with other providers to support their progress.

In addition to our in-home services, we also offer online therapy, parent training, and a social skills group to assist children and their families.


What Does a Typical In-Home ABA Therapy Session Look Like?

Not all ABA therapy sessions are alike. They are tailored to your child’s special strengths, preferences, and needs, and may change depending on their response to treatment.

At the beginning of a home ABA session, our therapist will check in with the caregiver, identify the goal to work on that day, and determine how to reach it. Then, our therapist will ask the child to choose a preferred reinforcement (e.g., playing with toys, games, breaks), which will serve as a motivation for them throughout the day.

Your child will work with our ABA therapist to complete tasks, earning reinforcements for appropriate behaviors and skills. Some of the activities they may engage in include desk learning, daily living tasks, snack time, playtime, and gross motor exercises.

We will track your child’s progress, updating or modifying goals and daily activities as they learn skills and challenging behaviors decrease.

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