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If you notice any of these signs in your child, we recommend seeking professionals like us for an evaluation. Our team will help you figure out what’s going on and develop an early intervention plan for your family.

What Is Early Intervention?

Early intervention refers to treatment services focused on evaluating and providing support to children in the early stages of development—infants and toddlers. This includes assessments, different types of therapy, and programs based on the needs of the child and their family.

The goal of early intervention is to strengthen children’s skills to address or prevent challenges and improve their quality of life.

How Can Early Assessment and Intervention Help?

Early Assessment

Early intervention starts with an assessment. An assessment is a psychological evaluation performed by licensed psychologists like us to take a deeper look at your child and their abilities. It involves checking your child’s cognitive, executive, and emotional functioning, reviewing their history, and consulting with their family. 

An accurate and early assessment can make a big difference in your child’s life and your peace of mind. It will give you a clearer understanding of their symptoms and dictate an intervention program tailored to their needs. The sooner the assessment, the sooner you can start supporting your child to enjoy a happier and healthier future.


Early Intervention

Once a plan is in place, a certified therapist can work directly with your child to start treatment. Applied Behavioral Analysis (also known as ABA) is the gold standard intervention for behavioral and learning challenges related to autism and other developmental differences.

ABA focuses on skills training and reinforcement. This may include improving communication and daily functions, learning play and social skills, reducing problematic behaviors, and encouraging positive ones. 

Intervention may also involve educating caregivers and collaborating with other community members. As treatment goes on, your child’s therapist will monitor their progress and adjust objectives and processes accordingly. The purpose is to ensure ongoing support to improve and sustain their well-being.


Early Intervention Services at Alliance ABA Therapy

Alliance ABA Therapy provides early intervention services to children with autism and other developmental differences living in Northern Virginia.

Our team of certified behavioral analysts is committed to following the BCBA regulatory requirements for training, credentialing, and licensing. We aim for continuous learning and improvement to deliver the best care for you and your family.

Our early intervention services include:

1. Consultation

During a phone consultation, we will learn more about your child and your family to pair you with the therapist and service that better fits your needs.

2. Assessment

One of our behavioral analysts will visit your home to perform an evaluation. They will talk to you and other family members and interact with your child to assess their skills and behaviors.

3. Plan Development

We will prepare a customized treatment plan with targets tailored to your child’s situation, strengths, and needs.

4. In-Home ABA Therapy

We offer one-on-one home sessions with a certified behavioral therapist, who will focus on skills training and behavior modification. The idea is to encourage your child to reach specific goals through positive reinforcement and fun learning experiences.


5. Parent Training

Our collaborative approach includes parent and caregiver training, where you will gain resources and strategies to help your child achieve their potential. We also team up with schools, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and other health care providers to facilitate an integrated support system.

6. Social Skills Groups

We lead in-person and online social skills groups to help children improve their communication and social abilities. Your child will play, learn, and grow along with their peers in a structured, safe, and creative environment.

7. Online Therapy

All our ABA services are available online for your convenience, allowing you to access them anytime and anywhere!

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