Alliance ABA Therapy provides home-based ABA services  to children with Autism or other developmental disabilities. We provide opportunities for the client to improve communication skills, self-care and daily functioning skills, leisure and social skills, vocational skills, safety and reduction of maladaptive behaviors, and fostering overall independence. 

Our services begin with a parent or caregiver consultation via telephone to learn more about the child’s and your family's unique needs. We want to ensure we gather as much information as possible to set services up for success, by pairing the child and family with the specific program(s) and staff that fit the child’s strengths, preferences, and needs.

Following the phone consultation, one of our certified Behavioral Analysts will come to the home to evaluate your child via consultation with parents and family, observation, and some direct interaction as appropriate.

Once your child and family are determined to be a good fit for our program, we will prepare an authorization request to submit to your insurance company to get your child approved for ABA treatment. 

Specific goals, strategies, overall program structure, and length of services will differ by each child’s specific strengths and needs. Generally speaking, you can expect the following from our highly skilled ABA Therapists: 

- An initial evaluation including any appropriate skills assessments, observations, and parent consultations.

- Treatment plan developed uniquely for your child’s needs, including treatment goals, strategies for staff implementation as well as parents. Behavior plans for management of maladaptive behaviors may also be included in your child’s program.

  • 1:1 instruction from a skilled behavioral therapist, working directly with your child within your home or natural environment. This process will begin with pairing, including meeting with the child where they are at in terms of preferences and skills to facilitate motivation for the child to participate.

- Parent and caregiver training and ongoing collaboration regarding the child’s needs and successful versus unsuccessful strategies for behavioral modification.

  • Collaboration with school or other therapy providers to facilitate consistency of treatment implementation and generalization of skills.

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