• Can ABA therapy be performed at home?
      Because ABA therapy is typically the gold standard in care for kids with autism, it can be expensive. Some insurance companies don’t cover it; some therapists won’t accept insurance for Read more
  • Music and Autism: A Beautiful Connection
    Composer and pianist Amadeus Mozart is perhaps the most well-known and prolific musician of his time, having composed more than 600 symphonies, operas, and concertos. At the age of four, his parents recognized he had an inexplicable and distinctive way of learning and remembering music, learning a piece within the space of half an hour. By the age of six, he had begun composing, and at eight, he was creating symphonies. Read more
  • Treatments for Autism: Evidence-Based, Complementary & Controversial Therapies
    Thanks to the internet, a wealth of helpful information about autism and scientifically sound treatments for it are just a few keystrokes away. Unfortunately, so is an endless trove of Read more
  • Fighting on Multiple Fronts: Health Problems and Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Autism spectrum disorder is a multidimensional, complex disorder, made even more challenging by physical and mental health problems that often accompany it. It is not easy for families to coordinate therapies and work to meet the child's wide-ranging needs, but it is possible. Early intervention delivers significant improvements in behaviors, cognitive development, social skills, emotional health and well-being. Read more
  • Sensory Processing Disorder & Autism
    There is no quick fix for children who suffer from a sensory processing disorder. But much can be done to lower distress, improve tolerance to stimuli, and reduce disruptive behaviors that result from sensory processing disorders so common among those with autism. Read more
  • End the Food Fight: Tackling Autism Eating Problems
    If left unchecked, autism eating problems can have detrimental consequences that range from malnourishment to social stigmatization. But considerable improvements in nutrition and eating behaviors can be achieved with support and patience. Does your child suffer from disordered eating like severe food selectivity, pica or food neophobia? Alliance ABA can help. Call to schedule a consultation today. Read more
  • Problem Behaviors in Autism: Help for Struggling Kids
    Impairments in social interactions, speech, cognitive abilities, as well as deficits in executive functioning pertaining to emotional and impulse control, are common in children with autism and may predispose them to abnormal behaviors. Read more
  • What Parents Should Expect From ABA Therapy
    Your child has autism are words that no parent can ever be fully prepared to hear. It’s a diagnosis that raises fears and endless questions—what will my child’s future look like? can he or she learn? why did this happen? do autism treatments work? what can I do? Read more
  • Help! My child is afraid to flush the toilet (and more toilet-based fears)
    Parents of kids on the spectrum do often report that toilet time can be challenging. We’ve listed some troubleshooting tips for you here, depending on exactly what seems to be the issue for your child. Read more
  • My child was diagnosed with autism – now what?
    Sometimes, parents of children newly diagnosed with autism blame themselves or each other. Some moms think she shouldn’t have had coffee; some dads have blamed themselves for sitting in front of a computer for too long. Read more
  • How to potty train a 5-year-old child with autism
    Can a with autism spectrum disorder become toilet trained? Or, even more important, can a non-verbal, older child with ASD become toilet trained? Of course they can! Read more
  • Pros and cons of mainstreaming an autistic child
    There are many pros to mainstreaming, and they include increased self-esteem, social interaction, the breaking down of long-held stigmas (and an increase in tolerance), and academic advantages. Read more
  • What happens during an assessment for autism?
    Medical practitioners use a variety of screeners as a first step to seeing if a child has autism; they typically use these screeners even before they begin a formal evaluation. Read more
  • Verbal behavior therapy
    Verbal behavior therapy is a type of therapy that is designed to teach language and communication. Behaviorist B.F. Skinner’s theories inspired this therapy, in partnership with the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). It consists of motivational operation, discriminating stimulus, response and reinforcement. Read more
  • What parents of children with autism want you to know
    Here are some things parents of children with autism want you to know, including facts and misconceptions about the disorder. There are even some autism parent tips here, as well as some tools to help you parent an autistic child. Read more
  • Going to a playground with a child with autism
    For all children, play is significant and necessary. It permits them to develop crucials abilities like gross and fine motor skills, communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal), problem solving, thinking, and social graces. Read more

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