• Is autism different in girls than in boys?
    As a rule, autism spectrum disorder has been found more frequently in boys than in girls – with stereotypes so prevalent in male and female behavior, it’s made it tougher Read more
  • My autistic child is such a picky eater! Help?
    Do you have a picky eater at home? If your child is on the spectrum, this isn’t surprising. Many parents – even of children without development disorders – find themselves trying Read more
  • Oh, that's poopy. The facts behind fecal smearing.
    Toilet problems are not uncommon in households with an autistic child. It could be that they refuse to go potty, holding it in until it becomes an issue, which is Read more
  • When did you know your child had autism?
      Three parents share their experiences of finding out when their child had autism. Names have been changed for privacy.   My son, Maddox, is six and a half now. I think I Read more
  • Why are imitation skills important in autism?
    Many neurotypical kids share a similar, natural learning process, progressing as “expected” based on what they experience. Kids with autism spectrum disorder, however, don’t have a similar process. Imitation, role play Read more
  • What are the early signs of autism spectrum disorder?
    Experts have said that autism spectrum disorder can be diagnosed in kids as young as 14 months old. For Emily, whose son Deacon was diagnosed at 16 months, this early detection Read more
  • Baxter's story
    As part of an ongoing series, Alliance ABA is featuring stories by parents of autistic children, as told to us. Names have been changed for privacy.   My son, Baxter, was diagnosed Read more
  • What's so good about autism?
      Although a serious disorder, autism doesn’t have to be painted with a dark brush. There are ways to see autism spectrum disorder in a bright and positive light. Kids with autism Read more
  • How does autism affect learning?
    At the end of every July over the last four years, Andee says she loses sleep in the days leading up to the start of the school year. “It means that Read more
  • How do you share an autism diagnosis with family?
      “Maybe it was mother’s intuition, maybe it was all the reading I was doing,” shares Frida, whose six-year-old son, Albie, had just recently been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. “After Read more
  • What questions should I be asking about ABA therapy?
    Has your child been recently diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum? If so, you may be overwhelmed with information – what autism is, what this means for your child and Read more
  • Can I teach my autistic child to be more spontaneous?
    Kids on the autism spectrum have communication deficits, which means that some of them can’t or won’t speak, while those who can and do may not spontaneously talk to others, Read more
  • How to teach your autistic child to be more flexible
    Kids on the autism spectrum sometimes have a really hard time with what professionals call “inflexible thinking.” Many believe this is due to the fact kids with autism spectrum disorder, or Read more
  • Autism and social impairment
    Lots of kids (and even adults) who have autism spectrum disorder definitely need a hand in figuring out how to act in a variety of social situations. Sometimes, they’re just Read more
  • Is a sensory diet right for my child?
    In 1991, occupation therapists Wilbarger and Wilbarger created something called a sensory diet, which was a personalized plan of physical activities as well as accommodations, designed for the person who Read more
  • How can I teach my autistic child to take medicine?
    At the age of six, Donovan developed a bad respiratory infection; his pediatrician recommended he take an antibiotic for ten straight days. This mortified his mother, Amber, who knew that Read more

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