The Vs of Autism

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been blogging about the ABCs of Autism. Today, here are the Vs.

Verbal behavior

In ABA, or applied behavior analysis, we use an approach that teaches communication called verbal behavior, which includes the functional analysis of language. This uses numerous effective procedures based on what we’ve learned in ABA.

Vestibular system

There are structures within the inner ear that detect movement, as well as changes to the how the head is positioned. There are some kids with autism who are hypersensitive to vestibular stimulation and are scared of certain activities, like using swings sets, ramps and slides. These kids might look like they’re clumsy or uncomfortable.

On the other hand, some kids with autism actually look for those intense sensory experience, and enjoy jumping, spinning and body whirling. In these cases, those kids may be considered to have a hyporeactive vestibular system (meaning they’re always trying to stimulate it).

Visual processing

Visual processing is the act of taking visual information around us and accurately interpreting it before using that information to make decisions.

Visio-spatial skills

Visio-spatial skills are cognitive activities that relate to the way we perceive what is in our environment, as well as what surrounds us.

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