The Rs of Autism

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be blogging the ABC’s of ABA therapy. Today, here are the Rs.

Receptive Language


Receptive language is the ability to understand language that is spoken.


Relationship Development Intervention, or RDI

RDI is a clinical treatment designed for parents; it’s intended for them to be able to acquire the tools to effectively teach relationship intelligence by focusing on emotional referencing, declarative language, flexible thinking, social coordination and hindsight.


Regulation is the state of being controlled; in sensory integration therapy, a person in a state of regulation is when all of the sensory information being received through or by the body are being interpreted properly and correctly by the brain. The person is then calmer and can attend to other people as well as their environment.

Rett Syndrome (or Rhett Syndrome)

Rett Syndrome is a childhood neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by normal early development, but is then followed by loss of purposeful use of the hands, as well as distinct hand movements. The brain and head’s growth are slowed, and the person may have abnormalities in gait. They may suffer seizures. Typically, Rett Syndrome affects only females.

Reverse Mainstream

Reverse mainstream is when neurotypical students are invited into a special education classroom to participate in activities, so that neurotypical and special education students can collaborate, engage and experience one another, without the special education students being required to leave their familiar, highly structured educational setting.

Respite Care

Short-term, temporary care provided to people with disabilities is called respite care, and can be delivered for a few hours at a time in person’s home or in an outside setting, if the care is required for a longer period of time. Respite care is often just as much for the caregiver as it is for the patient, as it provides some relief from the fatigue of caregiving.

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