The Ps of Autism

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been blogging about the ABC’s of ABA therapy. Today, here are the Ps, part 1.



A paraprofessional can be a teacher, educational or classroom aide who assist in providing meaningful support to kids with disabilities either in general educational classrooms or in special classes.

Perceptual problems

When a child has difficulty interpreting sensory information, or if they’re challenged with making sense of the world or environment around them, they may be considered as having perceptual problems.


Perseveration is defined as a repetitive movement or repeated speech. It can even be defined as sticking to a single task or idea, if that task has a compulsive quality.

Pervasive Developmental Disorder, or PDD

Considered an umbrella term for a group of developmental disorders, PDD can refer to autistic disorder, Rett Syndrome, or childhood disintegrative disorder. Professionals use this term when a person might show some autistic symptoms but they don’t necessary meet the full diagnostic criteria. When a child is diagnosed with PDD, the child may have limited interests and may perform repetitive behaviors or activities, and they may be sensitive to sound.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a treatment given by a professional and usually uses exercise or massage to remediate mobility and gait. Physical therapy can improve and modify tone, balance, posture and strength and can improve how a person uses their muscles, joints and bones.


Pica is characterized the persistence of eating non-food substances. Pica requires that the behavior be developmentally inappropriate. Kids diagnosed with pica may eat things like paint, clay, dirt or sand.

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

PECS is a functional communication training approach that emphasizes teaching students to provide a picture of something want to someone else so they can receive that item.

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