BCBA Supervision

Are you a behavior analyst or technician in need of a supervisor?
Or are you working on getting a BACB certification?

You may feel confused and experience many challenges as you grow in the behavior analysis field. Finding the right supervisor can be      difficult, but it makes a big difference in your practice journey. 

At Alliance ABA Therapy, we are committed to supporting children with autism and other developmental differences. Part of our mission involves supervising behavior analysts, technicians, and trainees to ensure we can continue to provide quality ABA                  services to families across Virginia. 

We are incredibly passionate about teaching, guiding, and uplifting the future generation of behavior specialists. We strive to help you build your capabilities and reach your professional goals so we can maximize our impact. And we take this responsibility very seriously.

If you have questions about our BCBA supervision program or want to start working with our supervisors, contact us! To learn more            about how we can help you, read on!

Why Are BCBAs Important?

Board Certified Behavior Analysts or BCBAs have an essential role in the growth and development of individuals with disabilities and the next generation of ABA practitioners. 

BCBAs provide behavior analysis services, coach caregivers, and supervise assistant behavior analysts, technicians, and trainees. They also develop ABA treatment strategies and ensure they are properly implemented with clients.

What Is BCBA Supervision?

BCBA supervision consists of overseeing, assessing, and training individuals who provide behavior-analytic services or are accumulating fieldwork hours towards certification. This includes Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs), Registered Behavior Technicians(RBTs), and trainees.

All supervisors are responsible for the actions of the individuals they oversee. They must follow relevant BACB requirements and ethhics standards and ensure their supervisees and trainees comply with them.

Do I Need Supervision?

The following practitioners and trainees require supervision:

  • Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs): High school level practitioners who assist in providing behavior analysis under the ongoing direction and supervision of a BCaBA, BCBA, RBT Supervisor, and/or an RBT Requirements Coordinator.
  • Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs): Bachelor’s level or undergraduate professionals who provide behavior analysis under the ongoing supervision of a BCBA.
  • BCBA and BCaBA trainees: Individuals working towards BCBA or BCaBA certification who need fieldwork supervision from a BCBA.

If you are an RBT, BCaBA, or a trainee building your practical experience, you need a qualified supervisor.

How Does BCBA Supervision Work?

The goal of BCBA supervision is to maintain or improve your ABA skills and ethical compliance to ensure you provide high-quality services.

A supervisor can help you by:

  • Setting and communicating performance expectations
  • Providing behavioral analysis training
  • Observing performance with clients and offering feedback
  • Supporting problem-solving and decision-making
  • Reviewing program data, reports, and other materials

Each BACB credential has specific supervision requirements:

RBTs Supervision

According to the RBT handbook, RBTs must receive ongoing supervision for at least 5% of the hours they spend providing services each month. 

They must meet with their supervisors at least twice per month, and one of the meetings must include direct observation of ABA services. Meetings can be in person or online.

BCaBAs Supervision

Per the BCaBA handbook, BCaBAs must receive the following supervision:

  • During the first 1,000 hours of practice after certification: At least 5% of the service hours provided per month, with a minimum of 1 hour of supervision every two weeks.
  • Ongoing supervision after 1,000 hours of practice: At least 2% of the service hours provided per month.

BCaBAs must meet with their supervisor at least once every month they provide behavior analysis. Supervision can involve group and individual sessions and one or more supervisors. Meetings and observations can be in person or online.

BCaBA and BCBA Trainees Supervision

BCaBA and BCBA certifications require a minimum of 20 hours and a maximum of 130 hours of fieldwork per month (including independent and supervised hours). 

Trainees in both credentials need to accumulate supervised fieldwork hours to gain and prove behavior-analytic skills. 

    • BCaBA trainees have to complete a total of 1,300 supervised fieldwork hours or 1,000 concentrated supervised fieldwork hours. 
    • BCBA trainees have to complete a total of 2,000 supervised fieldwork hours or 1,500 concentrated supervised fieldwork hours.

BCBA Supervision at Alliance ABA Therapy

At Alliance ABA Therapy, we offer supervision for BCaBA and RTB practitioners as well as BCaBA and BCBA trainees throughout Virginia.

We are dedicated to educating and overseeing behavior analysts and technicians so we can all continue to help children succeed. And we are constantly learning and adapting to the changing ABA field to better serve you!

We will start with a consultation to get to know each other and see if we would be a good fit. If so, we will pair you with one or more of our supervisors, depending on your situation.

Our supervisors follow BACB standards, requirements, and ethics codes. We tailor our supervision program to your needs and credentials, going beyond the minimum requisites to provide individualized guidance and recommendations. We are here to provide resources, motivate you, and offer assertive direction to help you improve.

Our supervision service involves:

  • Attending recurring meetings (online or in person)
  • Observing your ABA sessions on site or reviewing video recordings of your practice to assess and enhance your skills
  • Discussing and analyzing cases
  • Providing ongoing training, feedback, and support

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