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We Are Stronger Together

Your child is beautiful and unique. So is their growth journey.

At Alliance ABA Therapy, we partner with caregivers, treatment providers, and schools throughout Northern Virginia to support children in reaching their potential.

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves a chance to live their best life—including the little ones.

Our mission is to help children with disabilities become the best version of themselves. We do this through data-driven science and training.

Our team has Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) experience and clinical tools to provide the best in-home and online care for your loved one. We will find the services that align with your child’s needs and create a tailored plan to achieve your goals.

Whether your kid struggles with daily activities, learning, or social skills, we are here for you. We will be your allies in building their future!

Ready for a consultation? Contact us or keep reading to learn more about ABA and our approach.

Our Values


We work closely with parents, caregivers, and other professionals during evaluation and treatment. This includes teachers, school representatives, and speech, occupational, and physical therapists. Collaborating as a team allows us to set your kiddo and family up for success.


Forming authentic partnerships calls for clear and honest communication. Having trusting and open conversations with specialists, families, and children builds stronger relationships.

Family Training

The goal of ABA is not only to assist your child but to train you, the caregiver, to help them blossom. We will teach you strategies and resources to provide ongoing support, even after our services are complete.


We focus on the principle of “do no harm” to respect the kids and families we serve. This means doing no physical, emotional, or mental harm while honoring your stories.


Our team is constantly evolving to adapt to the growing ABA field. Our therapists follow Board-Certified Behavioral Analysts standards and commit to lifelong learning. We are always looking for ways to improve and create an engaging environment for children to thrive.

Our Approach: ABA Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis (also known as ABA) is the standard treatment to manage behavioral, learning, and neurodevelopmental challenges. This includes autism and other disorders.

The goal of ABA is to check your kid’s functioning, reinforce positive skills, and change any problematic behaviors.

ABA can focus on a specific problem or a wide range of life skills like self-care, communication, and play.

Does My Child Need ABA Therapy?

ABA can be an effective treatment for all ages. Yet, at Alliance ABA Therapy, we are dedicated to supporting children and their families.

Common signs of autism in children include:

  • Avoiding or not keeping eye contact
  • Delayed movement, language, cognitive, or learning skills
  • Difficulty socializing or communicating with others
  • Doing repetitive actions (e.g., repeating words or movements, playing with toys the same way)
  • Having a strict daily routine and a keen interest in specific things or activities
  • Hyperactivity, impulsivity, and irritability
  • Not responding to their name or using gestures
  • Experiencing sensory sensitivities (e.g., unusual reactions to sounds or lights)

If your kid shows any of these signs, ABA therapy can help.

How Can Alliance ABA Therapy Help My Family?

At Alliance ABA Therapy, we aim to build on your kid’s strengths, encourage positive changes, and improve their quality of life.

First, we’ll review how your child functions, gather information from your family, and identify treatment goals. 

Next, we’ll design a treatment plan adapted to your kid’s needs, abilities, and your family’s situation. 

Then, we’ll proceed with intervention. Our ABA therapists will work with your child to help develop and reinforce skills, adjusting as they progress. We can also train caregivers and collaborate with other professionals throughout the process.

Benefits of ABA therapy include:

  • Enhancing daily functioning and motor development
  • Improving communication, academic performance, and social skills
  • Cultivating autonomy, flexibility, and self-care
  • Shifting or reducing problematic behaviors
  • Fostering a support system by educating families and working with other specialists

Let’s Work Together!

Let’s partner up to help your little one shine.

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